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  • On May 27th 1960 about 50 interested men in the Courtney area met at Courtney School to organize a fire department. The first working was held on Saturday, September 10, 1960. Men began to clean the lot. Two pickup loads of wood were cut and sold for $12.00. Sometime between January 2 and January 10 of 1961, the footings were poured and construction began.

  • In the meantime, the department had ordered a new 1960 Howe Fire Truck along with some fire equipment including: 10 fire suits, 2 air packs, and a 5 H.P. Siren with controls. The cost for this was $14,259.75. The equipment arrived in April 1961. The truck was retired in 19**. A 1951 Chevrolet tanker was purchased at the same time. Also, in 1961, a Traffic Patrol was organized.

  • The department did various community projects to raise money. The first Pork Bar-B-Que Supper was held October 21, 1961 and the ticket sold for $1.25 per plate.

  • The looks of the station has changed a lot. It began with just 2 bays to house trucks and a meeting room in the back, which was about one third the size of the present one we presently use.

  • Sometime later, the meeting room was expanded and 2 extra stalls were built. A 1975 Howe Fire Truck was purchased for $33,399.55. This truck was retired in 2001 and was dedicated in memory of Assistant Fire Chief  "Lester Gray Dixon".

  • In 1976 an Equipment Van was purchased and was supplied with specialized equipment such as: Generator, Lights, All Purpose Saws, First Aid Supplies, Smoke Ejector, Large Vacuum Cleaner, Chimney cleaning equipment, shoves, rakes, refrigerator, Air Bottles, Ropes, Camera, Extra Turnout Gear, and other various equipment.

  • In 1980 the Ladies Auxiliary was started back, and had the floor recovered in the meeting room, Also the restrooms were retiles and furnished with new fixtures.

  • In 1981 The Ladies Auxiliary hosted the 20th Anniversary Service Awards  to show appreciation to the fireman for their dedication. At that time 10 of the charter members remained active. A Service Awards Dinner has been held every 5 years since to recognize our fireman for their dedication to the community.

  • In 1983 New Turnout Gear was purchased at a cost of $300.00 per set to comply with the new safety regulations.

  • In 1984 A Drop Tank was purchased for the tanker with the help of the Ladies Auxiliary. The approximate cost of the tank and up fitting of the apparatus to haul the tank was about $3000.00

  • In 1985 new pagers were purchased for each fireman. The cost of those pagers was approximately $350.00 each. Also purchased in 1985 was a Eagle Air Systems Air Bottle Fill Station for an approximate cost of $9,891.97.

  • In 1987 a Brush Truck was purchased for $8,700.00.  

  • In 1989 a Chevrolet Tanker was purchased for $33,000.00 which held 1850 gallons of water which was retired in 2001.

  • Another Stall was added to the station to make room for more equipment. The cost of the addition was approximately $30,000.00

  • In  1990 the Courtney Fire Department began being funded by a "Fire Tax"

  • In 1993 CVFD Purchased a small track of land beside the current fire department from F.D. Poindextor, Also a Computer was purchased for keeping up with the departments records.

  • In 1994 we  purchased a 1994  Custom Cab Pierce Pumper. This truck is "Our Pride and Joy" and came in with a price tag of nearly S222,000.00. Donald Hawks, John Lane, William Keaton & Richard Potts flew to Appleton Wisconsin for a tour of the manufacturing facility and to inspect and approve the apparatus. This truck was put into service in August of 1994, after a lot of drivers training and enough fire was approved to drive. This truck has been dedicated in memory of Mr. Roland Legans.

  • In 1995 we started receiving tax money from our district in Davie County, The front parking lot was paved, and 8 firefighters received there Firefighter Certification. Also new patches were designed and ordered for the dress uniforms.

  • In 1996 we uniformed all firefighters to Class "A" and Class "B" uniforms and adopted guidelines for each.

  • In 1997 we purchased a 1997 Ford / Pierce Rescue Vehicle to Replace the 1976  Equipment Van

  • In 2001 we purchased a 2001 International / Pierce Tanker to Replace the 1989 Chevrolet Tanker

  • In 2002 we purchased a 2002 Kenworth / Pierce Pumper

  • In 2005 we purchased a 2005 Ford / C.W. Williams Brush Truck to replace the "Little Red Rooster"

  • Later  we went onboard with paid staff working 8 hour shifts on Weekdays

  • In 2010 we received a Federal Grant to replace the aging Air Bottle fill station and equip our members with up to date communication equipment regulated by the FCC.

  • In 2011 we upgraded our current facility.

  • In 2012 we recieved a Federal Grant to place 1 person on duty Full Time along with the part time paid staff.

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